Thursday, November 11, 2010

Starry Starry Night

When we contemplate the vastness of the universe it is not realistic to consider ourselves finite and small, of no value or import. We can see across the universe and know the temperature of the sun. We have made the heavens our own - we are a little less than the angels.

Reilly took a moment to ponder the universe and to consider
that it was infinite. This was disturbing because he was
always misplacing things.


  1. I so enjoy your work. Today, the Milky Way in the background enhances the vastness of space - poor Reilly. It is indeed incredible to think the God of all this chose a very small tribe of humans through which to save our "little" world.

  2. It is the vastness of the Universe that proves to me the importance of families. Considering the size of some of the worlds out there, if Father had wanted to, He could have placed all His children on a world at the same time, everyone just living alongside the others, proving ourselves.
    Instead, He chose to place us on a small world with generations of family groups...there has to be a very good reason for that choice...

  3. I stopped wearing my contacts and went back to glasses because i could never find my reading glasses.