Monday, June 28, 2010

You're Entitled to What????

You're entitled to be different - you're not entitled BECAUSE you are different. Remember that even though you stand out in a crowd you still don't stand ABOVE the crowd so humble yourself before the crowd does that for you.

Because he was resplendent Bruce had imagined that
he could control the feed. He had underestimated
the 'plain and simple' citizens.

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  1. Timely poignant message in these days of recovering from BP and others' oil spill. What amazes and saddens me is that no one thinks stuff like this will happen - yes, it will and we need contingency plans. Hurricanes happen along the Gulf, tornadoes happen in the midwest and earthquakes happen in CA and Haiti. We will spill oil and ruin our planet because it is what we demand to maintain our lifestyle. So, Bruce reminds me of Big Govt and Big Oil w/the rest of us "small people" finally saying "enough!" Love the site :).